In addition to our own centres we have provided services to a number of projects and some examples are provided below. 

Taunton Oncology and Haematology Centre

MESL was a key partner in the successful delivery of the satellite centre which provides radiotherapy treatment to around 1200 patients per year making a huge difference to patient lives who avoid travelling to Bristol. It accommodates chemotherapy and outpatient services, together with a radiotherapy unit with three Elekta linear accelerators, a CT simulator and an 18 bed inpatient oncology ward, chemotherapy suite for 22 patients and a clinical trials room. An innovative partnership project and the first to be driven by equipment, MESL provided the Project Director to Financial Close and operationally the Chairman to the consortium providing the funding, design, construction and commissioning of the building and equipment and then the maintenance of the building and the major pieces of equipment, principally the linear accelerators, for 30 years.



Upright MRI Centre

The London Upright MRI centre was the first clinical upright MRI in the UK. MESL raised the finance and provided a Managing Director to lead the business in its development stage ensuring a strong platform for the successful operation. As the project developed MESL became more involved in the challenge to finance and secure planning permission to locate the scanner which weighs 135 tonnes and is 11 feet high. MESL used its expertise to provide strong core management, investment and finance experience. Further centres were added in Leeds and Birmingham

Dental Cone Beam CT

MESL provided the initial commercial and project management and sourced the financing for the development of the centre based at 9 Harley Street. The centre offers a one stop shop for superior 3D maxillo facial imaging using a low dose Cone Beam CT.

Independent Harley Street MRI Centre

Medical Equipment Solutions Limited provided  a £4 million finance solution to enable the refurbishment of an outdated MRI diagnostic centre. The facility which allowed for both the refurbishment costs and the new investment in equipment was simple in structure and highly cost effective enabling the owners to establish a state of the art and profitable treatment centre. Since the centre has been acquired by UME diagnostics. 


Avon, Gloucestershire & Wiltshire Independent Sector Treatment Centre

Medical Equipment Solutions Limited structured and arranged  the £34 million finance facility to enable the construction of the  Avon, Gloucestershire & Wiltshire Independent Sector Treatment Centres. Situated on multiple sites within the south-western region of the UK, these centres have capacity to carry out up to 20,000 clinical procedures every year.

The Avon, Gloucestershire & Wiltshire ISTC was one of seven phase 2 contracts which were awarded by the Department of Health. They were designed to bring new working practices into the NHS and cut waiting lists. The contract was awarded to the UK Special Hospitals group (UKSH), with MESL supporting via a lease, the second time such a structure had been used for what started out as a conventional Public Private Partnership (‘PPP’) contract. KBC Bank NV provided the head funding for the project.

Independent sector treatment centre at Shepton Mallett

Medical Equipment Solutions(MESL), has has designed and arranged a £16 million financing facility for an Independent Sector Treatment Centre (ISTC) located and operated by UK Specialty Hospitals (UKSH) who were awarded a contract via the NHS Primary Care Trusts in Shepton Mallett. Modular buildings and medical equipment are to be provided by the ISTC under a contract negotiated centrally with the NHS.

The project opened in August 2005 just 12 months after the completion of the financing formalities

Having concluded this transaction, MESL is well placed to offer similar facilities to other operators as further contracts are awarded by the NHS to private sector service providers.

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